The Science Behind CPAP Machine Cleaning: Why You Need One

Patients who have obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder which causes a person’s breathing to briefly stop involuntarily while sleeping, are usually advised to undergo a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. It is a treatment which uses a machine-operated facemask to deliver positive airflow and help patients breathe properly during sleep.

The CPAP machine uses air pressure to keep the airway, or the tubes that convey inhaled air into your lungs, open. The machine is composed of a mask that covers the nose and mouth, a tube that connects the mask to its motor, and a motor that blows air into the tube. If you are using a CPAP machine, keeping it clean using a high-quality CPAP cleaner is essential in keeping the machine in good shape as well as in preventing health complications.

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What is the Science Behind CPAP Cleaning?

It is necessary to clean your CPAP machine before each use to help particles from getting into the mask or hose of the machine and inhaling them to your body. Germs from your mouth, throat, lungs, and skin may get into the mask or hose as you breathe in and out during sleep. Dust, allergens, bacteria mucus and mold may also form, grow and reproduce in your machine which may cause you to get sick and/or may lead to allergies in the long run. Some of the health risks related to these are upper respiratory infections, colds, and pneumonia.

Some of the signs that you badly need to clean your CPAP machine include having a bad smell, discoloration, experiencing skin irritations, seeing dust, and having an illness.

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How Should You Clean Your CPAP Machine?

There’s a wide variety of CPAP machines, and each of them come with different cleaning schedules and instructions. Some of them require you to clean your machines using soap and water every week, although it is still best to clean it before each use. Some others recommend the use of vinegar to kill bacteria and potential viruses. However, manual cleaning may not be enough.

Why Soap and Water May Not Be Enough?

Cleaning your CPAP machine manually may not be enough as you may not be able to wash the entire machine properly and leave some residue of germs or bacteria. Manual cleaning may also put you at risk for health complications, especially if you use products that are too harsh for the body, such as chlorine and alcohol-based cleansers.

Instead, it is recommended to use a CPAP sanitizer or cleaner which, given that you choose the right brand and made, can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

What is a CPAP Cleaner?

As its name suggests, a CPAP cleaner is an equipment developed to properly clean and maintain the filter, humidifier and mask of your CPAP machine. You can find different types of CPAP cleaners in the market – some of them do not use water, and use activated oxygen or ultra-violet light instead. 

8 Factors to Consider in Choosing Your CPAP Cleaner

Do you need to buy a CPAP cleaner? The following factors can help you decide which type of cleaner to invest in. 

1. Compatibility to Your Machine

It is ideal to choose a CPAP cleaner that is compatible to your machine’s mask and tubing so you won’t have to buy additional adapters with you every time you use it. Or at least, the product must come with a universal adapter so you can use it for all types of machines. You would know this by searching for compatibility charts or by asking the CPAP cleaner provider.

2. Lightweight and Travel-friendly

Whether you like traveling or not, mobility and portability are factors you also have to consider when choosing a CPAP cleaner. Lightweight CPAP machine cleaners can help you save space and energy, especially if your lifestyle or job requires you to stay from one place to another often. 

3. Efficiency

You can determine if the CPAP cleaner you’re planning to buy is efficient, can kill all types of germs and bacteria, and can clean every corner of your CPAP machine by learning what types of cleaning system they use. Our CPAP cleaner at CleanFlash® uses both ozone and UV light for 2x the cleaning effectiveness compared to a regular product.

4. Cleaning Speed

If you’re a busy person, you surely wouldn’t want to take so much time in cleaning your CPAP machine every night or before each use. This is also why asking the CPAP cleaner provider about the cleaning speed of their product is a must. The average cleaning time of a CPAP cleaner is between five and 10 minutes.

5. Battery Life

Choose a product with long battery life that also comes with a fast-charging battery for your convenience and to save you time as well.

6. No Harmful Chemicals

As mentioned earlier, harmful chemicals may leave residue on your mask and tube that may also put you at risk for health conditions. Be sure that the CPAP cleaner you would purchase does not use any harmful materials or chemicals that you could inhale afterwards.

7. Compliance

Fake and non-compliant CPAP cleaners are all over the place, so be sure to know if the product you will purchase is compliant to FDA requirements and have been tested by laboratories for effectiveness and safety.

8. Value for Money

Your CPAP cleaner is a health investment so it must be worth your hard-earned money. Choose a product that doesn’t require you to buy additional disposable chemicals or materials to support its function. Another tip is to choose a product that offers warranty for your security. Reading customer reviews may also be of help.

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CleanFlash® - Your CPAP Cleaner

Here at CleanFlash®, we offer a complex, lightweight and portable CPAP machine cleaner that utilizes the power of both ozone and UV light for more efficient cleaning. We do not use harmful chemicals, and you don’t need to change cartridges or even buy disposable materials to keep your CPAP cleaner at its best.

We are compliant to FDA requirements for cleaning efficiency and safety, and we also provide a two-year warranty for all our products. We spent a great amount of time in developing, prototyping and testing our product for accuracy and your satisfaction.

To learn more about our CPAP/BiPAP cleaner, please check our frequently asked questions or send us and inquiry. Otherwise, if you are ready to purchase CleanFlash®, you may click the button below.

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