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AirDream® CPAP Pillow
AirDream® CPAP Pillow

AirDream® CPAP Pillow

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Struggling each night with CPAP compliance and comfort? Is mask shifting during the night causing leaks and loud noises that wake you up from your sleep?

The AirDream® CPAP Pillow is a uniquely designed bed pillow created to help improve your nighttime comfort no matter if you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper.

MINIMIZES MASK LEAKS WITH PRESSURE FREE SIDE CUTOUTS – Reduces mask interference and helps prevent your mask from shifting and moving throughout the night, allowing you to sleep in comfort with any type of a mask.

ORTHOPEDIC CPAP PILLOW DESIGN FOR BETTER SUPPORT & COMFORT - This CPAP pillow features a concave center portion to rest your head, a crescent cutout for your shoulders, and facial support on the sides for easy breathing and improved positioning to maintain positive and continual airflow throughout the night.

BUY WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE – The AirDream® CPAP pillow is designed for comfort but developed for durability. Our CPAP pillow is constructed from high quality, premium support & memory foam that retains its shape for years after repeated, daily use.